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    GRINDER PUMP SIZING AND SELECTION WORKSHEET To begin, fill in the shaded areas on the front side. A calculator and additional sheet of paper may be required. FIGURE B PUMP CAPACITY based on total Fixture Units* STEP #1 Determine the type and quantity of each plumbing fixture. Multiply each by its fixture unit values in figure “A”.

  • Sewage Ejector Pumps -vs- Sewage Grinder Pumps

    Sewage Grinder Pumps have the ability to do this, pumping liquid at nearly 60 P.S.I. Sewage Grinder pumps normally have a 1-1/4’’ discharge and range from 2 HP and up. They will pump low volumes of sewage (30 Gallons Per Minute or less), but can push it over longer distances (thousands of feet) and can handle head pressures of up to 130 feet.

  • Grinder Pump Questions and Answers Everything You Need

    A grinder pump may be needed if your community has a low pressure sewer system, your home is located below grade from the sewer line and you need to pump uphill, or your home is located far away from the sewer line and connecting by a gravity sewer line is not possible.

  • Making the Choice: Sewage Ejector or Grinder Pump? Pumper

    Dec 23, 2019· Applications where a sewage grinder pump should be used include when pumping to a pressurized sewer main, when pumping a long distance (1,000 feet or more), and when there is a high vertical distance to lift the sewage (at least 30 feet).

  • 2HP Centrifugal Grinder Pump

    The D1C20-21 Series grinder pump should only be connected to a 230 volt, single phase, 60 Hz power source. The pump will draw approximately 9.1 amperes at minimum flow and 15.0 full load amperes. Locked rotor current is 51.9 amperes. The pump must be connected to a grounded power socket. DO NOT cut off the ground pin from the power cord plug

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    A grinder pump is a wastewater conveyance device. Waste from water-using household appliances (toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, etc.) flows through the home’s pipes into the grinder pump’s holding tank. Once the wastewater inside the tank reaches a specific level, the pump will turn on, grind the waste into a fine slurry, and pump it to the central sewer system or septic tank. Grinder pumps can be installed in the basement or in the yard. If installed in the yard, the holding tank

  • Residential Sewage Grinder Pumps Liberty & Little Giant

    Therefore, if you are not pumping into a shared sewer main or have less than 30 feet of head, you do want a Sewage Ejector pump not a Sewage Grinder pump. You should only use a Sewage Grinder Pump when one the following apply to your application: When pumping to a pressurized sewer main. When pumping a very long distance (1000 feet or more)

  • Pump Picks: How Do You Calculate Pump Size? Onsite Installer

    Nov 17, 2014· Here, you simply measure the vertical distance (in feet) from the top of the pump in the pump chamber to the discharge point — the elevation of the discharge laterals. The second component is the friction loss in the supply pipe and laterals. Friction loss is a function of the size of the pipe and the effluent flow velocity. Grinder pumps

  • Maintenance Guide for Septic Grinder Pumps & Sewage

    A detailed guide to types of sewage pumps, grinder pumps, de-watering and effluent pumps, pump manufacturers, and where to buy sewage pumps is at SEWAGE PUMP BUYERS GUIDE & MANUALS Even if a building is nearly at the same level as its septic tank or sewer line, if the geography of the site prevents sewage from flowing fast enough on its own

  • 2HP Centrifugal Grinder Pump

    The D1C20-21 Series grinder pump should only be connected to a 230 volt, single phase, 60 Hz power source. The pump will draw approximately 9.1 amperes at minimum flow and 15.0 full load amperes. Locked rotor current is 51.9 amperes. The pump must be connected to a grounded power socket. DO NOT cut off the ground pin from the power cord plug


    Care and Use of your Grinder Pump. The Environment One grinder pump is capable of accepting and pumping a wide range of materials. Regulatory agencies advise that the following items should not be introduced into any sewer, either directly or through a kitchen waste disposal unit: Glass Seafood shells Diapers, socks, rags or cloth

  • Sewage Ejector Pump vs Sewage Grinder Pump: Which is

    We typically recommend ejector pumps for most residential family-owned homes unless a.) you need to pump sewage a long distance to get to a gravity sewage main, b.) you need a lot of lift to get from your basement pipes to the discharge out of your home, or c.) you’re pumping into a pressurized sewage system. There’s another scenario, d

  • Sewage grinder pumps / sewage ejector pump FAQs

    Sewage grinder pumps / sewage ejector pump FAQs diagnostic questions & answers: This article provides frequently asked questions & answers about buying, installing, or troubleshooting & repairing sewage & septic pumps & how they are maintained This article series explains the differences between and gives installation and maintenance advice for Sump Pumps, Sewage Ejector Pumps, Septic

  • Sewage Grinder Pumps vs Ejector Pumps FAQ: What's the

    That’s the kind of security a good grinder pump can provide. Similarly, if you need to pump sewage for a long distance to a gravity drain sewer main or to a pressurized sewer main, you’ll again want a grinder pump from the start. Choosing a sewage pump for a small business

  • Grinder Pumps — Ecoflow

    Ecoflow is the sole New Zealand distributor for the Global market leading grinder pump: Environment One (E/One). E/One was formed in the 1960s and were the founders of pressurised sewer technology. 600, 000 units, 35 countries and counting. E/One's semi-positive displacement (SPD) grinder pump was developed specifically for this application.

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    E/One Grinder Pump › Operational and electrical information for the E/One Extreme Series Grinder Pump . Grinder Pump Systems › E/One offers its 1 hp grinder pump in a number of pre-packaged station configurations . Alarm Panels › E/One Sentry, E/One Sentry Protect, E/One Sentry Protect Plus, T260, more Extreme Series Accessories ›

  • Sump Pump Sizing Calculator How to Easily Size a Primary

    Sump Pump Sizing Calculator Easily Calculate a Primary Sump Pump. Whether you are replacing an old sump pump or buying a new primary or backup pump, this simple sizing guide will get you the right GPM and Horsepower quickly. Sump Pumps Direct makes buying sump pumps and accessories easy.

  • Pump Sizing Calculation

    Pump Sizing does the hydraulic calculation for a centrifugal pump and estimates differential head, hydraulic power, motor power, NPSH available.

  • Prepackaged Sewage Grinder Systems Complete Job Ready

    This indoor grinder system includes a 24" X 36" fiberglass sewage basin with a steel lid and the powerful, durable, heavy duty 2 HP automatic Shark ® Series 820 grinder pump (model 820-0011) installed as part of the basin assembly (model 32-0011).

  • Zoeller 915-0005 1/2 HP Shark® Sewage Grinder System 18

    Jul 04, 2016· Buy Zoeller 915-0005 Direct. Free Shipping. Check the Zoeller 915-0005 1/2 HP Shark® Sewage Grinder System (18-Inchx30-Inch) w/ High Water Alarm ratings before checking out.

  • Sewage Grinder Pumps Xylem US

    The grinder pump reduces waste content to fine slurry, pumped through small-diameter pipes. The main application for grinder pumps is pressurized sewage systems that are generally used when flat land, uphill topography, surface rock and high water tables pose

  • Homeowner Questions Homeowner: What is an Environment

    Homeowner: How much does an E/One grinder pump cost? The cost of a completely installed system depends on the type of system you select, the soil conditions of your lot, and the distance from your grinder pump to the public sewer tap. Costs typically range from $3,000 to $6,000 installed. Homeowner: What happens when this pump fails?

  • Pump Grinder Requirements 20140206

    Pump Grinder Units POLICY AND REQUIREMENTS FOR PUMP GRINDER UNITS BEAR CREEK WATER ASSOCIATION, INC. February 6, 2014 1. General Each customer served by pressure sewer and customers served by gravity sewer who cannot gravity flow into the sewer serving their area shall install, own, and maintain a wastewater pump grinder unit.